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Is the program suitable also for junior marketers?

Existing experience from previous seminars shows that not always. Junior marketer participation in discussion and tasks solving might be, in some cases, fundamentally limited by lack of their previous experience with the company management.

For which professional group of managers does the program fit the best?

The program payoff is dramatically increased by a growing diversity of the mix of participating managers from different company departments. A homogenous group of managers from one single department, e.g. sales force management, is often in its thoughts, attitudes and approaches too uniform. This fact dramatically declines the richness and at the end of the day also the level of discussion. Especially in corporate seminars for smaller companies, the participation of CEO might be beneficial.

How large should be the group of managers for the corporate seminar?AMU?

A group of 8-12 managers is ideal.

Must program be delivered in two following days?

Yes, the cohesion of problems discussed is really substantial. During the second day, we work intensively with results of the first day case studies.




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